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Get to know God and what is get to know God in Islam?


Get to know God and what is get to know God in Islam?
Get to know God and what is get to know God in Islam?


Get to know God and what is get to know God in Islam?Getting to know God is a deeply personal and spiritual journey that can vary for each individual. It involves developing a relationship with a higher power, understanding divine qualities, and exploring one's own beliefs and experiences. While it is challenging to cover the vastness of this topic in just a few words, here are some key aspects to consider when embarking on a journey to know God.

1.Self-Reflection and Openness:

Begin by cultivating an open mind and heart. Reflect on your own beliefs, values, and experiences. Ask yourself meaningful questions about the nature of existence, purpose, and the divine. Be willing to explore and challenge your own preconceptions and biases.

2.Study Sacred Texts:

Many religious traditions have sacred texts that provide insights into the nature of God and offer guidance on spiritual matters. Explore these texts with an open mind, seeking wisdom and understanding. Reflect on the teachings and contemplate their meaning in your life. Some widely known sacred texts include the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, and the teachings of Buddha.

3.Seek Knowledge:

Engage in intellectual pursuits to deepen your understanding of God. Read books, listen to lectures, and engage in discussions that explore theology, philosophy, and spirituality. Seek out reputable sources that provide diverse perspectives on God and the nature of the divine.

4.Prayer and Meditation:

Set aside time each day for silent reflection, meditation, or prayer. This allows you to quiet your mind, focus your thoughts, and create space for spiritual connection. Develop a practice that resonates with you, whether it involves reciting prayers, expressing gratitude, or engaging in contemplative silence.

5.Experience Nature:

Nature often provides a profound sense of awe and wonder, connecting us to something greater than ourselves. Spend time in natural surroundings, observing the beauty and intricacy of the world. Recognize the divine presence in the cycles of life, the complexity of ecosystems, and the harmony of the natural world.


6.Cultivate Virtues and Compassion:

Strive to embody virtues such as love, kindness, empathy, forgiveness, and patience. Practice compassion towards yourself and others. By nurturing these qualities, you align yourself with the divine attributes and create space for a deeper connection with God.

7.Service and Acts of Kindness:

Engaging in acts of service and kindness towards others is an expression of love and gratitude towards God. Volunteer your time, contribute to charitable causes, or help those in need. By selflessly serving others, you open yourself to the transformative power of love and compassion.

8.Seek Community:

Connect with others who share a similar spiritual path. Join religious or spiritual communities where you can engage in meaningful discussions, participate in rituals, and find support on your journey. Sharing experiences and insights with like-minded individuals can deepen your understanding and provide a sense of belonging.

9.Embrace Mystery:

Recognize that the nature of God is vast and transcends human comprehension. Embrace the mystery and allow room for the unknown. The journey to know God is ongoing, and our understanding is limited. Stay open to new insights and revelations along the way.

10.Personal Experience:

Finally, remember that personal experience plays a crucial role in knowing God. Be attentive to moments of awe, inspiration, and spiritual insight in your life. Reflect on these experiences and consider how they might be shaping your understanding of the divine.


Get to know God and what is get to know God in Islam?
Get to know God and what is get to know God in Islam?



 Praise be to the Lord who is the creator and owner of all the worlds. Today I am going to talk about the Lord who is the Lord of this world and the hereafter. Who is the Lord of all the worlds of the universe? The Lord has created the entire universe in a very beautiful and loving way. His praise is boundless and limitless. Human intellect cannot comprehend it.

I will mention only a few things.

  Allah Ta'ala created the world for man. There are billions of people living in the world right now, there is a population of about six billion and we think this world is very big. Big countries, cities, plains, forests, deserts, rivers, and mountains, but have no status in the sight of Allah. He is carefree and carefree. This land has no status in the sight of Allah. Apart from the earth, Allah has created billions and trillions of worlds which cannot be understood by man. Let us compare this world with the sun. The Sun is a planet that stands above our heads. We see it every day but have no idea of ​​its magnitude. 

God's Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) explained with an example that the ring we wear on our finger if it falls in a desert then what is the comparison between the desert and the ring. The ring will be lost in the desert. Similarly, if you lift the earth and place it inside the sun, the sun will be a desert,  and the earth will be like a ring. What is the comparison between the sun and the earth? 

It is a Sun, and there are millions of planets around the sun that are many times bigger than the sun. If you ever look at the sky, you will see millions and billions of stars. It takes billions of stars to form a galaxy and there are so many galaxies that we cannot count. Can't even imagine. This is the creation of God, who is the God of all the worlds.

Now let's move on.


What is the volume of the first heaven? 

If this sun and all the planets are placed in the sky, the sky  will be like a desert and all the planets will be like a ring.

Allah Ta'ala is the creator of seven heavens. There is a distance of 500 years from the first heaven to the second heaven. It takes five hundred years to cover the distance from the first heaven to the second heaven. And at what speed? Speed ​​of light, at the speed of light. The Sun is millions of miles away from the Earth and its light reaches the Earth in just 8 minutes. And this is a gap of 500 years. 5 hundred years from the first heaven to the second heaven. 500 years from the second heaven to the third heaven. 500 years from the third to the fourth. 500 years from the fourth to the fifth. Fifth to sixth and sixth to seventh. It will take 500 years to cross each heaven. Who can estimate the volume of the seven heavens?

Let's go ahead,   Kursi of Allah ( Chair of God)


 Allah Almighty says in the Quran that His Kursi is spread over the whole earth and all the heavens. (2:55)

Hazrat Mohammad ﷺ said this to make people understand that just like a ring and a desert cannot be compared. Just like the earth and the sun cannot be compared.  As the sun, moon, galaxy and all the planets cannot be compared with heaven, 

in the same way, all the earth and the heavens cannot be measured with the chair of Allah. 

There is no similarity between them. Allah's Kursi is spread over the earth and the heavens. Here the earth and the heavens are rings and the chair of Allah is the desert.


O you who know about Allah, now know that after the chair is the throne of Allah. On which the chair of Allah is placed. And the chair is the one that surrounds the earth and the heaven. What will be the size of the throne? 

Any ideas? No, not at all.  This time the chair is a ring. And the desert of deserts is the Throne of God.


The Throne of God is supported by eight angels whose heads are in the seven heavens and whose feet are under the earth. They bear its weight. But do not get tired.

  Now after that, the owner of the chair and the throne is the person of Allah Ta'ala who is unlimited. He is above body and existence. He is the greatest, the creator of all, the sustenance of all, the nurturer of all, and the one who runs this entire universe. No human mind has the strength and capacity to encompass the power and might of its God. The human mind is helpless, helpless, and weak. He is in need of the mercy and grace of this Lord. He is exalted on the extreme heights, yet He is very close to everything and every human being. He is closer than the human aorta. He is looking at everything as we look at the lines on our hands. May Allah bless all humanity. Ameen.


In conclusion,

getting to know God is a lifelong journey that requires self-reflection, study, prayer, meditation, virtue cultivation, service, and community engagement. It is a deeply personal and unique path that evolves over time. Stay open, curious, and receptive to the divine presence within and around you, and allow your understanding of God to grow and deepen as you.